Collecting rubber granulate from synthetic grass pitches

Collecting rubber granulate from synthetic grass fields with artificial turf is an important task for sports field managers. The reasons for this are diverse and, of course, vary from country to country.

In the northern countries, for example, a lot of infill ends up next to the fields every winter season. When clearing the snow, the infill is swept up and accumulates along the edges. This accumulation of rubber granules increases the risk of spreading to places where it is not wanted.

Moreover, the piles of infill disfigure the appearance of the sports field and bother the players.

But there is another important reason for removing rubber granulate. And that is the fact that it can have harmful effects on the environment in the immediate vicinity of the sports fields. The rubber granules are spread by wind, sport shoes, etc. in the direct vicinity of the field.  When it rains, substances are washed out of the rubber crumb (especially rubber granulate sourced from car tires). These substances end up in the soil of the sports field edges and in surrounding ditches. Research has shown that this poses no risk to humans (publication of the RIVM; Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment). However, it can have a less favourable impact on the environment.

It is therefore obvious that the granules must be cleared up quickly and thoroughly. With TRILO vacuum units equipped with a hand-operated hose, it is as simple as vacuuming! Once collected, the granules can be reused after cleaning. TRILO vacuum units can be used for various tasks, e.g. for clearing litter or abandoned festival material, or for clearing leaves in autumn.  Multifunctional use!

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